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Yehliu Geopark, Taiwan
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Yehliu Geopark, Taiwan
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The coastal region of the Yehliu peninsula is mainly made up of sedimentary rocks. Over time, the constant drumming of the ocean against the shore, erosion from the wind and exposure to the atmosphere, not to mention the remains of crustaceans like sand dollars and sea urchins, has chiseled the land away into all sorts of shapes. The park's unique formations resemble giant sandals, rows of square boulders neatly poking out of the surf and stones covered in potholes. However, perhaps the park's most iconic objects are the mushroom-like pedestal rocks, or “hoodoo rocks,” that dot the landscape. Hoodoo rocks are found all over the world, particularly in high, dry, rocky regions like the North American Badlands and the Colorado Plateau. These formations can stretch anywhere from four to five feet to hundreds of feet tall. They are often composed of soft sedimentary stone capped off with harder, less-eroded rock. But the rocks at Yehliu are a bit different from most.
It's anything but difficult to envision what life could resemble on another planet. The territory is studded with seawater-dissolved openings overflowing with ocean life, and also irregular shake developments, which make the encompassing condition rich in biological assets. Sun, wind, rain, waves and solid northeastern storms all have a noteworthy effect on this limited segment of land.
The beach front district of the Yehliu landmass is mostly comprised of sedimentary rocks. After some time, the steady drumming of the sea against the shore, disintegration from the breeze and introduction to the climate, also the remaining parts of scavangers like sand dollars and ocean urchins, has etched the land away into a wide range of shapes. The recreation center's one of a kind arrangements look like monster shoes, lines of square rocks perfectly jabbing out of the surf and stones shrouded in potholes. Be that as it may, maybe the recreation center's most notable items are the mushroom-like platform shakes
, or "hoodoo shakes," that dab the scene. Hoodoo rocks are discovered everywhere throughout the world, especially in high, dry, rough districts like the North American Badlands and the Colorado Plateau. These arrangements can extend somewhere in the range of four to five feet to many feet tall. They are frequently made out of delicate sedimentary stone topped off with harder, less-dissolved shake. In any case, the stones at Yehliu are somewhat not the same as most.