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The Initiation Well | Quinta da Regaleira
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The Initiation Well | Quinta da Regaleira
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The Mystifying arrangement of passages in the royal residence of Park underground mind boggling, that is Qutina da Regaleira, in Sintra, Portugal. The land that had numerous proprietors through time, however it was worked toward the start of the most recent century. The proprietor of Quinta da Regaleira, Antonio Augusto Carvlho Monteiro, was a known Freemanson and with the assistance of Italian
Achitect Luigi Manini, start planning and developing the four hectare home with it cryptic structures, stops and passages which are weighed down with images identified with speculative chemistry, workmanship, the Knights Templar and the Rosicrucians. The development of the present domain initiated in 1904 and its greater part was closed by 1910. The focal structure is considered will Initiation, access to which is protected by monitors chthonic penumbra, speaking
to the universe of mid-tones. The 27 meters profound well, comprises of nine levels in 15 soaks each, look like a transformed pinnacle, and relying upon the heading of pick, either an adventure down into the profundities of the earth, or a move out of the haziness into the light, the trip through the earth resembles a
renewed through mother natures womb, from where everything come and where one day all should return. The supernatural occurrences made by human hands, contains a descending winding staircase that prompts an assortment of outlets. The well was so named in light of the fact that it is supposed that it held start rituals of Masons. At the base of the well laid out cross of the Templars in an eight-star seal Monteiro.